Light Grey Granite MORE+

There has been a large demand for grey granite for outdoor use. Light grey granite as a raw material is necessary to a functioning infrastructure in the shape of roads, railways, ports and airports, they are widely used for paving stone, setts, kerbstones, stairs, bus stop curbs, pillars, palisades, bollards, and benches. Light grey granite belongs to cheaper materials which is also more prevalent in the decoration of a private garden or patio. and therefore to employment and development in trade and industry. Every year around 800 million tonnes of rock material are produced and delivered in China, making it one of the nation’s most significant industrial products.

G603 Silver grey granite is one of the most popular and famous light grey granite stones in the world because of its elegant color, small color difference, large out put and cheap price. The original G603 is also Bacuo White , which is located in Jinjiang, Fujian Province,China. Duo to the local environmental protection, original, original G603 quarryin 2013, there is seldom original G603 in market now and price also is higher and higher, that there are some new G603 emerged, such as HB G603 from Macheng,Hubei Province, JX G603 from Jiangxi Province and GD G603 from Guangdong Province etc.

Among these new G603, HBG60 3 has the large and stable quantity,and the price also is the cheapest, moreover the color is almost same as original G603, that more and more people use HB G603 instead of original G603, we also have various other light grey granite, such as G633, G602, G623, G655, G688, G341 etc.

Dark Grey Granite MORE+

Dark gray granite is between light gray granite and black granite, and for those who don't like the color too light or too dark, dark gray granite is the best choice.   Dark gray granite is also one of the most common building materials for interior and exterior decoration, and is favored by designers and builders.

G654 is the famous Chinese dark granite in the world,G654 granite basic color is semi grey to dark grey color felsic intrusive igneous rock which is granular, phaneritic in texture dark grey granite,   there are two main G654 quarries in China, one is original G654 quarried in Changtai, Fujian Province, the other one is in Zhangqiu, Shangdong Prodive. G654 granite is the most popular dark grey granite in China and abroad, due to good quality, uniformity and most cheap price. So there has a lot of natural stone project pay best attention to.

G654 have nice performance for building stone and decoration stone, usually can be used in many areas for suitable for interior and exterior applications.In addition to G654 granite , we also have other dark grey granite, such as steel grey granite, Jet mist granite, Fantasy Grey Granite etc.

Black Granite MORE+

If you think gray granite is not high-end enough, then black granite is definitely the best choice, black granite is a solemn and elegant color, it is a color that will never go out of style. . Black Granite is specially designed to withstand both high temperatures and extreme cold, making it an excellent choice countertop, duo to black granite is strong acid resistance, stain resistance and wear resistance , compressive and insulating properties,  it also is widely used for monument, landsacping fountain, background, stair& step, wall and floor etc, we have different kinds of pure black granites such as Shanxi Black, China Black, Indian Black, Absolute Black, Black Impala , Galaxy Black etc, and also have black base color with vein such as Jet Mist, Royal Black, Cosmo Black,  Black Gold Diamond Granite etc.

What is Grey Granite?

Grey granite from China are famous  granite materials for building, landsacping and decoration. This color granite is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects.  The process can be Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rockfaced, Sandblasted, Tumbled, Flamed and so on. Compared with other color granites ,  gray granite is relatively cheap and durable color.  So China gray granites are widely used in large shopping malls, squares, hospitals, subways, curbstone  and so on .

Our Grey granite including light grey granite G603, G602, G633. G341, G688, sliver grey, spary white,Viscont White etc, and dark grey granite such as G654, new G654, Jet mist etc.  We directly get blocks from quarry,  there are abount blocks in our stone yard, that we can offer your  competitive and stable price , and also can meet your large quantity request. For further information request, welcome to contact us.

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